Math and physics notes

Only some course notes are uploaded now (partially due to a very small file hosting limit), and some stuff is incomplete.

LMU Munich classes

MQM: Thomas-Fermi, beginning of Hartree-Fock (Okt/Nov), defn of essential spectrum (Wi2016-17)
Differentiable Manifolds: (brief summaries of a few results) Lie groups, Riemannian geometry (Wi2016-17)
Theoretical Solid State: notes 1 notes 2 (Wi2016-17)

Caltech classes

Ma110c (Analysis I, Spring 2014) [notes will be made more complete]
Ma191b Section 7 (Inequalities: A Journey through Linear Analysis, Winter 2014)
Ma148b Mathematical physics Scanned notes lec1 lec2 lec4 (Wi 2015)
Ma108a Classical Analysis (Fa 2013)