Dr. Jad C. Halimeh

Dr. Jad C. Halimeh


Research interests

My research is in far-from-equilibrium quantum many-body physics, where I investigate the effects of mechanisms such as quenching and decoherence on the short- and long-time dynamical properties of various quantum many-body systems ranging from neutral atoms in an optical cavity (strong light-matter interactions) to strongly correlated electron systems (such as quantum spin liquids). Of particular interest are dynamical phase transitions and out-of-equilibrium criticality in such systems, and what they can infer about possible out-of-equilibrium quantum universality classes.


Ceren B. Dağ, Philipp Uhrich, Ian P. McCulloch, and Jad C. Halimeh
Detecting quantum phase transitions in nonintegrable and long-range Ising chains using spatially minimal measurements

Jad C. Halimeh, Lukas Homeier, Christian Schweizer, Monika Aidelsburger, Philipp Hauke, and Fabian Grusdt
Stabilizing Lattice Gauge Theories Through Simplified Local Pseudo Generators

Hannes Riechert, Jad C. Halimeh, Valentin Kasper, Landry Bretheau, Erez Zohar, Philipp Hauke, Fred Jendrzejewski
Engineering a U(1) lattice gauge theory in classical electric circuits

Benedikt Schneider, Jad C. Halimeh, and Matthias Punk
Projective symmetry group classification of chiral \(\mathbb{Z}_2\) spin liquids on the pyrochlore lattice: application to the spin-\(1/2\) XXZ Heisenberg model

Zhao-Yu Zhou, Guo-Xian Su, Jad C. Halimeh, Robert Ott, Hui Sun, Philipp Hauke, Bing Yang, Zhen-Sheng Yuan, Jürgen Berges, and Jian-Wei Pan
Thermalization dynamics of a gauge theory on a quantum simulator

Jad C. Halimeh, Haifeng Lang, and Philipp Hauke
Gauge protection in non-Abelian lattice gauge theories

Ceren B. Dağ, Philipp Uhrich, and Jad C. Halimeh
Probing Equilibrium and Dynamical Criticality Through Single-Site Observables

Maarten Van Damme, Haifeng Lang, Philipp Hauke, and Jad C. Halimeh
Reliability of lattice gauge theories in the thermodynamic limit

Torsten V. Zache, Maarten Van Damme, Jad C. Halimeh, Philipp Hauke, and Debasish Banerjee
Achieving the continuum limit of quantum link lattice gauge theories on quantum devices

Maarten Van Damme, Jad C. Halimeh, and Philipp Hauke
Gauge-Symmetry Violation Quantum Phase Transition in Lattice Gauge Theories

Jad C. Halimeh and Philipp Hauke
Diffusive-to-ballistic crossover of symmetry violation in open many-body systems

Jad C. Halimeh, Valentin Kasper, and Philipp Hauke
Fate of Lattice Gauge Theories Under Decoherence

Jad C. Halimeh, Haifeng Lang, Julius Mildenberger, Zhang Jiang, and Philipp Hauke
Gauge-Symmetry Protection Using Single-Body Terms
Accepted in PRX Quantum   arXiv:2007.00668

Jad C. Halimeh and Philipp Hauke
Origin of staircase prethermalization in lattice gauge theories

Jad C. Halimeh and Philipp Hauke
Staircase Prethermalization and Constrained Dynamics in Lattice Gauge Theories

Jad C. Halimeh, Nikolay Yegovtsev, and Victor Gurarie
Dynamical quantum phase transitions in many-body localized systems

Tomohiro Hashizume, Ian P. McCulloch, and Jad C. Halimeh
Dynamical phase transitions in the two-dimensional transverse-field Ising model


Daniele Trapin, Jad C. Halimeh, and Markus Heyl
Unconventional critical exponents at dynamical quantum phase transitions in a random Ising chain
Phys. Rev. B 104, 115159 (2021)   arXiv:2005.06481

Jad C. Halimeh, Maarten Van Damme, Lingzhen Guo, Johannes Lang, and Philipp Hauke
Dynamical phase transitions in quantum spin models with antiferromagnetic long-range interactions
Phys. Rev. B 104, 115133 (2021)   arXiv:2106.05282

Jad C. Halimeh, Daniele Trapin, Maarten Van Damme, and Markus Heyl
Local measures of dynamical quantum phase transitions
Phys. Rev. B 104, 075130 (2021) Editors' Suggestion   arXiv:2010.07307

Jad C. Halimeh and Mohammad Maghrebi
Quantum aging and dynamical universality in the long-range \(O(N\to\infty)\) model
Phys. Rev. E 103, 052142 (2021)   arXiv:2008.08583

Bing Yang, Hui Sun, Robert Ott, Han-Yi Wang, Torsten V. Zache, Jad C. Halimeh, Zhen-Sheng Yuan, Philipp Hauke, and Jian-Wei Pan
Observation of gauge invariance in a 71-site Bose-Hubbard quantum simulator
Nature 587, 392-396 (2020)   arXiv:2003.08945

Jad C. Halimeh, Robert Ott, Ian P. McCulloch, Bing Yang, and Philipp Hauke
Robustness of gauge-invariant dynamics against defects in ultracold-atom gauge theories
Phys. Rev. Research 2, 033361 (2020) Editors' Suggestion    arXiv:2005.10249

Jad C. Halimeh, Maarten Van Damme, Valentin Zauner-Stauber, and Laurens Vanderstraeten
Quasiparticle origin of dynamical quantum phase transitions
Phys. Rev. Research 2, 033111 (2020)    arXiv:1810.07187

Jad C. Halimeh and Philipp Hauke
Reliability of Lattice Gauge Theories
Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 030503 (2020)    arXiv:2001.00024

Tomohiro Hashizume, Jad C. Halimeh, and Ian P. McCulloch
Hybrid infinite time-evolving block decimation algorithm for long-range multidimensional quantum many-body systems
Phys. Rev. B 102, 035115 (2020)    arXiv:1910.10726

Philipp Uhrich, Nicolò Defenu, Rouhollah Jafari, and Jad C. Halimeh
Out-of-equilibrium phase diagram of long-range superconductors
Phys. Rev. B 101, 245148 (2020)    arXiv:1910.10715

Nicolò Defenu, Tilman Enss, and Jad C. Halimeh
Dynamical criticality and domain-wall coupling in long-range Hamiltonians
Phys. Rev. B 100, 014434 (2019)    arXiv:1902.08621

Jad C. Halimeh and Rajiv R. P. Singh
Rapid filling of the spin gap with temperature in the Schwinger-boson mean-field theory of the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg kagome model
Phys. Rev. B 99, 155151 (2019)    arXiv:1807.07071    [ PRB April 2019 Kaleidoscope ]

Carlo Cascio, Jad C. Halimeh, Ian P. McCulloch, Alessio Recati, and Inés de Vega
Dynamics of multiple atoms in one-dimensional fields
Phys. Rev. A 99, 013845 (2019)    arXiv:1801.08176

Johannes Lang, Bernhard Frank, and Jad C. Halimeh
Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions: A Geometric Picture
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 130603 (2018)   arXiv:1804.09179    [ Supplemental videos: Small ground-state quench    Large ground-state quench    Thermal-state quench ]

Jad C. Halimeh, Matthias Punk, and Francesco Piazza
Aging dynamics in quenched noisy long-range quantum Ising models
Phys. Rev. B 98, 045111 (2018)   arXiv:1803.00280

Johannes Lang, Bernhard Frank, and Jad C. Halimeh
Concurrence of dynamical phase transitions at finite temperature in the fully connected transverse-field Ising model
Phys. Rev. B 97, 174401 (2018)   arXiv:1712.02175

Valentin Zauner-Stauber and Jad C. Halimeh
Probing the anomalous dynamical phase in long-range quantum spin chains through Fisher-zero lines
Phys. Rev. E 96, 062118 (2017)   arXiv:1709.06050

Jad C. Halimeh and Valentin Zauner-Stauber
Dynamical phase diagram of spin chains with long-range interactions
Phys. Rev. B 96, 134427 (2017)   arXiv:1610.02019

Ingo Homrighausen, Nils O. Abeling, Valentin Zauner-Stauber, and Jad C. Halimeh
Anomalous dynamical phase in quantum spin chains with long-range interactions
Phys. Rev. B 96, 104436 (2017)   arXiv:1703.09195

Markus Karl, Halil Cakir, Jad C. Halimeh, Markus K. Oberthaler, Michael Kastner, and Thomas Gasenzer
Universal equilibrium scaling functions at short times after a quench
Phys. Rev. E 96, 022110 (2017)   arXiv:1704.03517

Jad C. Halimeh and Inés de Vega
A weak-coupling master equation for arbitrary initial conditions
Phys. Rev. A 95, 052108 (2017)   arXiv:1605.07497

Jad C. Halimeh, Valentin Zauner-Stauber, Ian P. McCulloch, Inés de Vega, Ulrich Schollwöck, and Michael Kastner
Prethermalization and persistent order in the absence of a thermal phase transition
Phys. Rev. B 95, 024302 (2017)   arXiv:1610.01468

Jad C. Halimeh and Matthias Punk
Spin structure factors of chiral quantum spin liquids on the kagome lattice
Phys. Rev. B 94, 104413 (2016)   arXiv:1606.07856

Jad C. Halimeh and Robert T. Thompson
Fresnel-Fizeau drag: Invisibility conditions for all inertial observers
Phys. Rev. A 93, 033819 (2016)    arXiv:1601.04218    [ In the news: Phys.org ]

Jad C. Halimeh, Robert T. Thompson, and Martin Wegener
Invisibility cloaks in relativistic motion
Phys. Rev. A 93, 013850 (2016)    arXiv:1510.06144    [ In the news: BBC Magazine Monitor    New Scientist    Phys.org    GQ ]

Jad C. Halimeh, Fabian Kolley, and Ian P. McCulloch
Chebyshev matrix product state approach for time evolution
Phys. Rev. B 92, 115130 (2015)    arXiv:1507.01226

Jad C. Halimeh, Anton Wöllert, Ian P. McCulloch, Ulrich Schollwöck, and Thomas Barthel
Domain-wall melting in ultracold-boson systems with hole and spin-flip defects
Phys. Rev. A 89, 063603 (2014)    arXiv:1307.0513   [ PRA June 2014 Kaleidoscope ]

Jad C. Halimeh and Martin Wegener
Photorealistic rendering of unidirectional free-space invisibility cloaks
Optics Express 21(8), 9457-9472 (2013)    arXiv:1301.2958

Jad C. Halimeh and Martin Wegener
Photorealistic ray tracing of free-space invisibility cloaks made of uniaxial dielectrics
Optics Express 20(27), 28330-28340 (2012)    arXiv:1209.6038v2

Jens Honer, Jad C. Halimeh, Ian McCulloch, Ulrich Schollwöck, and Hans Peter Büchler
Fractional excitations in cold atomic gases
Phys. Rev. A 86, 051606(R) (2012)    arXiv:1210.1400

Jad C. Halimeh and Martin Wegener
Time-of-flight imaging of invisibility cloaks
Optics Express 20(1), 63-74 (2012)   arXiv:1110.3291

Jad C. Halimeh, Roman Schmied, and Martin Wegener
Three-Dimensional Newtonian Photorealistic Ray Tracing of the Conformal Grating Cloak
Proceedings of CLEO Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference, paper QTuG2 (2011)

Jad C. Halimeh, Roman Schmied, and Martin Wegener
Newtonian photorealistic ray tracing of grating cloaks and correlation-function-based cloaking-quality assessment
Optics Express 19(7), 6078-6092 (2011)   arXiv:1012.5107

Roman Schmied, Jad C. Halimeh, and Martin Wegener
Conformal carpet and grating cloaks
Optics Express 18(23), 24361-24367 (2010)   arXiv:1009.1044

Tolga Ergin, Jad C. Halimeh, Nicolas Stenger, and Martin Wegener
Optical microscopy of 3D carpet cloaks: ray-tracing calculations
Optics Express 18(19), 20535-20545 (2010)

Jad C. Halimeh, Tolga Ergin, Nicolas Stenger, and Martin Wegener
Maßgeschneiderter optischer Raum. Transformationsoptik
Physik in unserer Zeit 41(4), 170-175 (2010)

Jad C. Halimeh, Tolga Ergin, Jonathan Mueller, Nicolas Stenger, and Martin Wegener
Photorealistic images of carpet cloaks
Optics Express 17(22), 19328-19336 (2009)    [ In the news: EurekAlert! ]

Jad C. Halimeh and Martin Roser
Raindrop Detection on Car Windshields Using Geometric-Photometric Environment Construction and Intensity-Based Correlation
Proceedings of the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 610-615 (2009)


Method and apparatus for recognizing directional structures on a window pane of a vehicle
Publication number: US9616851 B2
Publication type: Grant, 11.04.2017
Inventors: Jad Halimeh, Michael Huelsen, Roland Schmid, Werner Uhler, Annette Frederiksen, and Stephan Simon
Applicant: Robert Bosch GmbH

Image restoration method in computer vision system, including method and apparatus for identifying raindrops on a windshield
Publication number: US8797417 B2
Publication type: Grant, 05.08.2014
Inventors: Jens Gayko, Martin Benjamin Roser, and Jad Camille Halimeh
Applicant: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Method and device for detecting an interfering object in a camera image
Publication number: US8582809 B2
Publication type: Grant, 12.11.2013
Inventors: Jad Halimeh and Stephan Simon
Applicant: Robert Bosch GmbH

Method for using a stereovision camera arrangement
Publication number: EP2293588 A1
Publication type: Application, 09.03.2011
Inventors: Jad Halimeh and Stephan Simon
Applicant: Robert Bosch GmbH