“Workshop on Geometry and Physics”

November 20 – 25, 2016

Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee



The workshop will take place at Ringberg Castle, which is located on Mount Ringberg and overlooks Lake Tegernsee, one of the most picturesque locations to be found in all of southern Bavaria. The castle, which is owned and operated by the Max-Planck-Society, represents an ideal venue for scientific conferences, offering impressive architecture, displays of fine art, a music room, excellent food, spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, not to mention the fresh air and great walks. More specific information on the Ringberg Castle, including colored photographs, is available from Ringberg Castle site. The distance to the next village, Rottach-Egern, is about 3 km.

Address: Schloß Ringberg
Schloßstraße 20
D-83708 Kreuth

Phone:   +49/8022/279-0   (reception);
Fax:     +49/8022/279-259


This workshop is held in memoriam of Ioannis Bakas, who sadly passed away on 30. August 2016. Ioannis was a very good friend of us, a fantastic person and an excellent colleague and scientist. His death is a big loss for the entire physics community.

This event is the third in the series of  workshops on "Geometry and Physics", jointly organized by Ioannis Bakas and by us. The aim of this workshop is to bring together leading experts from the physics and mathematics communities to present their ideas and assess the progress that is being made on the interface of geometry and physics. Special emphasis will be placed on the theory of quantum fields and strings and their mathematical structures.

Arrival and Departure

The arrival date to the conference site is Nov. 20th and the departure date is Nov. 25th after lunch. Talks will start on Monday morning 21st Nov. and end at noon on Friday 25th Nov.


Participation is by invitation only. 
Contact: dieter.luest@lmu.de


There will be no conference fee. Living expenses of the participants at Ringberg Castle will be covered by the MPI Munich and the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics. Beverages taken at the self-service bar and outside calls from the room telephones will be billed to the participants.




Ioannis Bakas and Dieter Lüst

Email: dieter.luest@lmu.de



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