Geometry and Physics

ASC workshop at the MPP Munich, November 19 to November 23, 2012


The workshop will focus on assessing recent developments in all aspects of geometry and their use in general relativity, quantum field theory and string theory. Other emerging trends on the crossroads of geometry and physics are also welcome for presentation.


Scientific objective:


M. Anderson (Stony Brook)

C. Bachas (ENS, Paris)

C. Bär (Potsdam)

P. Chrusciel (Vienna)

A. Dabholkar (Jussieu and CERN)

T. Eguchi (YITP, Kyoto)

M. Eichmair (ETH)

M. Gaberdiel (ETH)

C. Gomez (UAM, Madrid)

G. Huisken (AEI, Golm)

  1. C.Hull (Imperial)

M. Larfors (Oxford)

U. Lindstrom (Uppsala)

L. Ni (UC, San Diego)

H. Nicolai (AEI, Golm)

N. Obers (NBI, Copenhagen)

E. Plauschinn (Padua)

P. Schupp (Bremen)

K. Skenderis (Amsterdam)

M. Staudacher (Berlin)



Dieter Lüst

Ioannis Bakas