Ultrafast Electron Imaging - ERC project "DIVI"

Welcome to the internet pages of the Ultrafast Electron Imaging research group and the ERC project DIVI, headed by Peter Baum and joint effort between the Universität Konstanz and the LMU München. These pages describe our research, vision, and approaches

Visualization of Atoms and Electrons in Motion

Our research is centered around the investigation of the ultrafast motion of atoms and electrons during ultrafast matter transformations, in order to learn about the fundamental atomic rearrangements that take place, for example, during phase transformations, chemical reactions, nanophotonic devices and circuits.

The motion of atoms during matter transformations is complex and often proceeds sequentially and on distinct time scales, through transitional structures and intermediates. Electron diffraction (UED) provides a very direct, and combined, insight into the essential directions and timings. Our key objectives include the advancement of time resolution down to the ultimate domain of electron dynamics. But as important is application of our 4D imaging capabilities to complex materials and nanostructures that have so far eluded study with conventional methods. More at the research pages!

Open Positions

We offer several positions for Doktorarbeiten/PhD, Master/Diplom, and Bachelor students. We also look for outstanding Postdocs with experience in condensed matter dynamics, ultrafast molecular physics, electron / x-ray / neutron diffraction, or few-femtosecond lasers. Have a look at the jobs section!

We realized tilted electron pulses that reveal a general tilt-dispersion relation for matter waves. See also the PRL viewpoint article!

The electron microscope can now measure electromagnetic waveforms. See also the interview at Welt der Physik (in German).

We now compress and control our electron pulses with terahertz radiation. See also the press release and movie!

What happens deep inside of future's ultimate electronics? This is to be recorded in space and time by Dr. Peter Baum and his team, funded with two million € via an ERC Consolidator Grant.

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