Open Positions in Ultrafast Electron Science

Join ultrafast science! We investigate the fastest motion and dynamics of electrons and nuclei in condensed matter, molecules and atoms. We want to visualize atomic-scale motions in all four dimensions of space and time - to make a movie of what happens during phase transformations, chemical reactions, and atomic-scale electronic rearrangement processes.

Working with us involves state-of-the-art femtosecond laser technology, electron optics, detector electronics, condensed matter and molecular physics, as well as classical and quantum simulations. Yet all experiments are table-top and will be operated by yourself and our small team.

Postdoc Positions (2018):

Open PhD Positions (2018):

Masterarbeiten (Stand 2018):

  • THz-Erzeugung mittels intensiver Femtosekunden-Laserpulse
  • Kompression von Elektronenpulsen mit den elektrischen Feldern von Laserlicht
  • Simulation/Messung von Quanteneffekten in Einzelelektronen-Wellenpaketen in Laser-Lichtfeldern
  • Messung von THz-getriebenen atomaren/elektronischen Bewegungen in Graphen und anderen Dielektrika
  • ...oder ähnlich, abhängig von Interesse/Erfahrung.

Werkstudenten-Tätigkeiten (Hiwi) und Bachelor:

International Guests/Postdocs:

We are continuously looking for outstanding guests with experience in condensed matter dynamics, ultrafast molecular physics, electron/x-ray/neutron diffraction, or few-femtosecond lasers. Please contact us with your CV.


We realized tilted electron pulses that reveal a general tilt-dispersion relation for matter waves. See also the PRL viewpoint article!

The electron microscope can now measure electromagnetic waveforms. See also the interview at Welt der Physik (in German).

We now compress and control our electron pulses with terahertz radiation. See also the press release and movie!

What happens deep inside of future's ultimate electronics? This is to be recorded in space and time by Dr. Peter Baum and his team, funded with two million € via an ERC Consolidator Grant.

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