Recent Publications

The following papers are result of our work in Munich. A full list of Peter Baum's publications can be found here. Please let us know if the journals are not accessible: we can send a reprint.

Second-harmonic generation and self-phase modulation of few-cycle mid-infrared pulses
Bo-Han Chen, Christina Hofer, Ioachim Pupeza, Peter Baum
Opt. Lett. 44, 4079 (2019). [full text]

Octave-spanning single-cycle middle-infrared generation through optical parametric amplification in LiGaS2
Bo-Han Chen, Emanuel Wittmann, Yuya Morimoto, Peter Baum, Eberhard Riedle
Opt. Express 27, 21306 (2019). [full text]

Light-Triggered Boost of Activity of Catalytic Bola-Type Surfactants by a Plasmonic Metal-Support Interaction Effect
Sebastian Sutter, Bastian Trepka, Stephan Siroky, Kay Hagedorn, Sebastian Theiß, Peter Baum, Sebastian Polarz
ACS Appl. Mat. 11, 15936 (2019). [full text]

Terahertz Compression of Electron Pulses at a Planar Mirror Membrane
Dominik Ehberger, Kathrin J. Mohler, Thomas Vasileiadis, Ralph Ernstorfer, Lutz Waldecker, Peter Baum
Phys. Rev. Appl. 11, 024034 (2019). [full text]

Tilted electron pulses
Dominik Ehberger, Andrey Ryabov, Peter Baum
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 094801 (2018). [full text]

Electron energy analysis by phase-space shaping with THz field cycles
Dominik Ehberger, Catherine Kealhofer, Peter Baum
Struct. Dyn. 5, 044303 (2018). [full text]

Efficient middle-infrared generation in LiGaS2 by simultaneous spectral broadening and difference-frequency generation
Bo-Han Chen, Tamas Nagy, Peter Baum
Opt. Lett. 43, 1742-1745 (2018). [full text]

Attosecond control of electron beams at dielectric and absorbing membranes
Yuya Morimoto and Peter Baum
Phys. Rev. A 97, 033815 (2018). [full text]

Diffraction and microscopy with attosecond electron pulse trains
Yuya Morimoto and Peter Baum
Nature Physics 14, 252-256 (2018). [full text]

Characterization of non-relativistic attosecond electron pulses by transition radiation from tilted surfaces
Maxim Tsarev and Peter Baum
New Journal of Physics 20, 033002 (2018). [full text]

Quantum dynamics of attosecond electron pulse compression
Peter Baum
Journal of Applied Physics 122, 223105 (2017). [full text]

Laser damage of free-standing nanometer membranes
Y. Morimoto, I. Roland, S. Rennesson, F. Semond, P. Boucaud, P. Baum
Journal of Applied Physics 122, 215303 (2017). [full text]

Laser-driven nanoparticle motion in liquids (perspective)
Peter Baum
Science 355, 458 (2017). [full text]

Capturing atomic-scale carrier dynamics with electrons
Peter Baum and Ferenc Krausz
Chem. Phys. Lett. 683, 57-61 (2017). [full text]

Electron microscopy of electromagnetic waveforms
Andrey Ryabov and Peter Baum
Science 353, 374 (2016). [full text]

All-optical control and metrology of electron pulses
Catherine Kealhofer, Waldemar Schneider, Dominik Ehberger, Andrey Ryabov, Ferenc Krausz, Peter Baum
Science 352, 429 (2016). [full text]

Ultrafast electron crystallography of the cooperative reaction path in vanadium dioxide
Ding-Shyue Yang, Peter Baum, Ahmed H. Zewail
Struct. Dyn. 3, 034304 (2016). [full text]

A high-resolution time-of-flight energy analyzer for femtosecond electron pulses at 30 keV
Alexander Gliserin, Matthew Walbran, Peter Baum
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87, 033302 (2016). [full text]

High-average-power, intense THz pulses from a LiNbO3 slab with silicon output coupler
Maxim V. Tsarev, D. Ehberger, P. Baum
Appl. Phys. B 122, 30 (2016). [full text]

Sub-phonon-period compression of electron pulses for atomic diffraction
Alexander Gliserin, Matthew Walbran, Ferenc Krausz, Peter Baum
Nature Comm. 6, 8723 (2015). [full text, open access]

5-fs laser-electron synchronization for pump-probe crystallography and diffraction
M. Walbran, A. Gliserin, K. Jung, J. Kim, P. Baum
Phys. Rev. Appl. 4, 044013 (2015). [full text]

Atomic-scale diffractive imaging of sub-cycle electron dynamics in condensed matter
Vladislav S. Yakovlev, Mark I. Stockman, Ferenc Krausz, Peter Baum
Sci. Rep. 5, 14581 (2015). [full text, open access]

Signal-to-noise in femtosecond electron diffraction
Catherine Kealhofer, Stefan Lahme, Theresa Urban, Peter Baum
Ultramicroscopy 159, 19-25 (2015). [full text]

Femtosecond single-electron pulses generated by two-photon photoemission close to the work function
Lamia Kasmi, Daniel Kreier, Maximilian Bradler, Eberhard Riedle, Peter Baum
New J. Phys. 17, 033008 (2015). [full text]

800-fs, 330-μJ pulses from a 100-W regenerative Yb:YAG thin-disk amplifier at 300 kHz and THz generation in LiNbO3
Waldemar Schneider, Andrey Ryabov, Csaba Lombosi, Tom Metzger, Zsuzsanna Major, József A. Fülöp, Peter Baum
Opt. Lett. 39, 6604-6607 (2014). [full text]

All-reflective UV-VIS-NIR transmission and fluorescence spectrometer for μm-sized samples
Friedrich O. Kirchner, Stefan Lahme, Eberhard Riedle, Peter Baum
AIP Advances 4, 077134 (2014). [full text, open access]

Femtosecond single-electron diffraction
Stefan Lahme, Catherine Kealhofer, Ferenc Krausz, Peter Baum
Structural Dynamics 1, 034303 (2014). [full text]

Alignment of magnetic solenoid lenses for minimizing temporal distortions
Daniel Kreier, Deividas Sabonis, Peter Baum
J. Optics 16, 075201 (2014). [full text]

Towards ultimate temporal and spatial resolutions with ultrafast single-electron diffraction
Peter Baum
J. Phys. B 47, 124005 (2014). [full text]

Conversion of chirp in fiber compression
Péter Dombi, Péter Rácz, László Veisz, Peter Baum
Optics Letters 39, 2232-2235 (2014). [full text]

Tip-based source of femtosecond electron pulses at 30 keV
J. Hoffrogge, J. P. Stein, M. Krüger, M. Förster, J. Hammer, D. Ehberger, P. Baum, P. Hommelhoff
J. Appl. Phys. 115, 094506 (2014). [full text]

Laser streaking of free electrons at 25 keV
Friedrich O. Kirchner, Alexander Gliserin, Ferenc Krausz, Peter Baum
Nature Photonics 8, 52-57 (2014). [full text]

On the physics of ultrashort single-electron pulses for time-resolved microscopy and diffraction
Peter Baum
Chem. Phys. 423, 55-61 (2013). [full text]

Passive optical enhancement of laser-microwave synchronization
Alexander Gliserin, Matt Walbran and Peter Baum
Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 031113 (2013). [full text]

Coherence of femtosecond single electrons exceeds biomolecular dimensions
Friedrich O. Kirchner, Stefan Lahme, Ferenc Krausz and Peter Baum
New J. Phys. 15, 063021 (2013). [full text, open access]

Compression of single-electron pulses with a microwave cavity
Alexander Gliserin, Alexander Apolonski, Ferenc Krausz and Peter Baum
New J. Phys. 14, 073055 (2012). [full text, open access]

Avoiding temporal distortions in tilted pulses
Daniel Kreier and Peter Baum
Optics Letters 37, 2373-2375 (2012). [full text]

16 fs, 350 nJ pulses at 5 MHz repetition rate delivered by chirped pulse compression in fibers
Thomas Ganz, Volodymyr Pervak, Alexander Apolonski, and Peter Baum
Optics Letters 36, 1107-1109 (2011). [full text]

Temporal distortions in magnetic lenses
Clemens Weninger and Peter Baum
Ultramiscroscopy 113, 145-151 (2011). [full text]

Single-Electron Pulses for Ultrafast Diffraction
Monika Aidelsburger, Friedrich O. Kirchner, Ferenc Krausz, and Peter Baum
PNAS 107, 19714 (2010). [full text, open access]

Quantum model simulations of attosecond electron diffraction
Peter Baum, Joern Manz and Axel Schild
Science China 53, 987 (2010). [full text]

4D attosecond imaging with free electrons: Diffraction methods and potential applications
Peter Baum and Ahmed Zewail
Chem. Phys. 366, 2-8 (2009). [full text]

Some of this work was done at the group of Ahmed Zewail at Caltech:

Femtosecond diffraction with chirped electron pulses
Peter Baum and Ahmed Zewail
Chem. Phys. Lett. 462, 14-17 (2008). [full text]

Structural Preablation Dynamics of Graphite Observed by Ultrafast Electron Crystallography
Fabrizio Carbone, Peter Baum, Petra Rudolf and Ahmed H. Zewail
Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 035501 (2008). [full text]

Attosecond Electron Pulses for 4D Diffraction and Microscopy
Peter Baum and Ahmed H. Zewail
PNAS 104, 18409 (2007). [full text, open access]

4D Visualization of Transitional Structures in Phase Transformations by Electron Diffraction
Peter Baum, Ding-Shyue Yang and Ahmed H. Zewail
Science 318, 788 (2007). [full text]

Breaking Resolution Limits in Ultrafast Electron Diffraction and Microscopy
Peter Baum and Ahmed H. Zewail
PNAS 134, 16105 (2006). [full text]


We realized tilted electron pulses that reveal a general tilt-dispersion relation for matter waves. See also the PRL viewpoint article!

The electron microscope can now measure electromagnetic waveforms. See also the interview at Welt der Physik (in German).

We now compress and control our electron pulses with terahertz radiation. See also the press release and movie!

What happens deep inside of future's ultimate electronics? This is to be recorded in space and time by Dr. Peter Baum and his team, funded with two million € via an ERC Consolidator Grant.

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