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Chayu Taeryon

During Chayu Taeryon a sparring with a partner will be practised. The main point here is, that it is a sparring with, and not against the partner. Both partners should have the possibility to train their reactions. There are some regulations, as no fist to the head, no low kicks and strikes, and no attack to the back is allowed. Also Chayu Taeryon will be practised with no contact. This regulations are needed to limit the danger of this exercise.

As an exercise to prepare for Chayu Taeryon, as well as to refine techniques, one could practice Ilbo Taeryon or Chayu Taeryon in slow motion. Also it is possible to train some aspects of Chayu Taeryon with some special rules, like using only fist, or only one partner attacks, only foot or other variations.

Klaus Steinberger

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