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Yak Sok Taeryon

Ilbo (One Step), Ibo (Two Step) and Sambo (Threestep) Taeryon (Sparring) are fixed forms of sparring. The attack is fixed, with varying defenses. These exercises are very useful, to train precision and techniques, which are too dangerous for free sparring (chayu taeryon). These excercises will also be practiced before starting with free sparring.

Ilbo-Taeryon will normally be learned with one type of attack. The attacker stands right foot back in Chongul-Sogi, then advances one step forward and attacks with right fist to the chin. Advanced students should practice also variations of this attack, like left foot back, left hand attack, other types of attack.

Cha Taeryon is like Ilbo Taeryon, but both partners will be kneeling in the start position.

Klaus Steinberger

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